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ICC project

  • by Lasse Andersen

The Danish Vehicle recovery solutions company Safe-Tec A/S based in Southeast Seeland has been approved by the Danish Business Authority for a major ICC project (Industrial Co-operation Contract) with a large foreign international group within the defense industry.

The approval has been granted based on the company’s 30 years of experience in the design, development, and production of special recovery and mobility solutions for the defense industry. Creating solutions that decreases, not only system weight without compromising performance and ease of use, but also drastically decrease the overall carbon footprint.

“We are incredibly proud that we have succeeded in getting the project approved, which is another important achievement in Safe-Tec’s updated strategy. For many years, we have delivered specialised Recovery and mobility solutions of the highest quality to the defense in countries like Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom and Australia to name a few.”, says CEO Bo Andersen.

At the forefront of what is possible with the current technologies and materials, Safe-Tec A/S will partner with a large foreign OEM as well as Danish technological institutes, to challenge weight and its operational usage of recovery and mobility systems.  The close connection between Materials and Operational understanding, underpins the core values of Safe-Tec A/S.

The project has been awarded, after 1 year of extensive preparations and is now underway. The activities will run over the next few years and are expected to contribute to a long-term, specialised collaboration with major international groups within the global defense industry. This including opening up for new segments like the Special Operations Forces.

“We look forward to being able to challenge the current ways of solving the problem and deliver new quality products in a lightweight yet green format, with a deployment speed shorter than seen before. All this to minimise time operating outside the vehicles, thus increasing troop safety.“, Concludes Bo Andersen.

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