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Why the E?

  • by Lasse Andersen
2021 has been an exciting year for Safe-Tec A/S. A year with new developments and good feedback from the Safe-Bar network. This has made us think new ways and develop on the third generation of the Safe-Bar System.

We have gathered some of the new advantages of Safe-Bar MKIII-E
The E stands for Easy, and there's a reason for that. Are you curious? Then read on and get to know the new system better

The Safe-Bar is a Recovery specific system, allowing you maximum lifting and pulling capacity and also allows for an angled pull. The recovery joint places your anchor point as close to the casualty's front as possible, for added stability and strength.
Ease of use
We rely on field feedback from the Safe-Bar community, to improve the future solutions. One of the weaknesses of older versions is assembly time.
The new 3-layer telescopic system reduces assembly time from an average of 15 to about 1 minute. a time saving that quickly accumulates to a significant efficiency improvement. The new MKIII-E traverse fits the MKIII family and is a great upgrade to your existing kit.
The contra nut
Eliminating slack reinforces your connection to the casualty. Therefore, all Safe-Bar Fitting taps are supplied with a lock nut. This way you ensure the strongest and safest connection on the casualtys front. In addition, we use a specifically strong steel type and heat treatment that gives you the strongest taps on the market.
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