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Visions for a greener future

  • by Lasse Andersen

Do you know how we develop systems with a focus on green transition?   

 "In an already challenged industry, we are motivated to develop the best system solutions possible - in a responsible way. Through extensive innovation and development towards a greener future, Safe-Tec Studies in usage of alternative materials to minimize carbon footprint. In addition to material selection, we guide the costumer through the purchasing process to optimize chosen system features." 

Bo Andersen, CEO and Head of Development 

Engaged in the Defence Industry, Green Transformation is one of the more challenging areas to address, but fortunately also a topic in focus.

As it's no secret that the production and operation of armoured vehicles is necessary and at the same time harmful to the environment.

Safe-Tec is proud to be part of an industry with such a high focus on responsibility towards our planet.  

Sales Correspondent Lasse Andersen says:

"In connection with a fantastic "Open for Business" event hosted by the Danish Embassy in Berlin, this topic was in spotlight. It's uplifting to see the topic of priority for everyone in this industry."

So how can Safe-Tec as a company help in this green transition?It's a question often asked openly within the company, and efforts are being made to minimise our carbon footprint.
Among the recent topics, Safe-tec is not only looking at a general digitalization in the company, but also.  

  • Modernizing the
  • lean production cycle  Alternative material selection   
  • Extended guidance on purchasing needs   

Over the past few years, Safe-Tec has supplied next generation material to armed forces across the globe. Equipment that is lighter, better andat least as strong as before. Among these is the Safe-Bar ½ A-Frame concept for convoi vehicles. A weight saving of over 50%, which can be felt on 2 points:

  • Fuel saving
  • Ergonomy

For it is not only the choice of material and volume that Safe-Tec contributes. The Systems romSafe-Tec halps on subjects such as; Fuel savings, ergonomis, reduction of manpower And more.   

Since the beginning, Safe-Tec has Focused on reducing the weight per vehicle, with one of the objectives being to reduce fuel costs.   

What does the future look like? And how can we do even better? There's still a lot that can be done to improve towing systems like these - and it is important.

We look forward to the next breakthroughs, to new opportunities and to help shaping the future together with partners and costumers.

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