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Meet the Team

At Safe-Tec A/S we work hard to ensure a high level of quality and safety in our work.

We are subject to strict requirements from a wide range of customers, so you can expect us to deliver high, consistent quality every time you come into contact with us. We hold several ISO certifications and meet the requirements of the defence industry and some of the world's largest suppliers to this industry.

Lasse Oppendieck Andersen

Business Development Manager 

As a customer of Safe-Tec A/S, you can expect products and services of a high, consistent quality. We are certified to the ISO9001:2015 standard, which means that both processes, subcontractors and employees are geared to work continuously to ensure high quality.

You can expect us to take deviations and quality challenges seriously, and work proactively to continuously improve quality.

Environmental policy - ISO14001:2015

As part of our responsibility, we work proactively to reduce the environmental impact of our production, activities and services. This means that we set requirements for our own employees, subcontractors and partners.

As a customer of Safe-Tec A/S, you can expect us to be aware of our environmental impact and to work continuously to reduce it.

We are certified according to the ISO14001:2015 standard, which among other things places requirements on us regarding environmental policies, objectives and environmental mapping.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System - ISO45001:2015

Key elements include leadership commitment, worker participation, hazard identification and risk assessment, legal and regulatory compliance, emergency planning, incident investigation and continual improvement. ISO 45001 utilizes the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology to systematically manage health and safety risks.


Lasse Andersen 

Business Development - Partner